Kebari Library

Jason Klass posted my kebari photos and this encouraged me to start posting my favorite kebari patterns and also small remarks about them. Earlier on I had tied flies commercialy, normally about 2,000 per season and know the main commercial tier rule: Before fish take the fly, the angler has to do it first.

Firstly, I personally hate this rule. Second, I firmly know that tiers fantasy is the worst enemy of effective flies, because generates too many new patterns to be tested properly. I like to develop new flies, but I like to develop effective flies even more. I hardly test my patterns myself. I give away dozens flies to my friends and fishing companions and gratefully wait to receive their feedback. In this fashion I manage to achieve my main target – to work out a “trusted fly” patterns.

As for kebari flies, I am far from both the “one fly philosophy” and the “match the hatch paradigm”. By following the simple rule of "match the waters" when referring to the fish species, flow, depth, river bottom material, season, vegetation in and around the water, has given me many happy hours of fishing and a lot of fun merely catching fine fish. Some of this flies are available at tenkara gear store kebari page.

Oleg Stryapunin aka

Amano Kebari >>

Basic Kebari >>

Black Spider Kebari >>

Bubble Kebari >>

Candy Kebari >>

Kebari by Davie McPhail >>

Kebari Killer>>

"Normal Hackle" Nikko Kebari >>

Peacock&Peasant Kebari >>

P&P variant: weighted >>

Pheasant Tail Kebari >>

Fuji Kebari >>

Rusty Kebari >>

Wine & Silver Kebari >>

Pearl & Wooly Kebari >>

Zebra kebari >>

My "emerald waters" kebari >>

Rubber kebari >>

Y16 champion kebari >>