My "emerald waters" kebari.

Tenkara fishing at mountain high gradient streams is my favorite. Reading the stream like the book to determine the spots where the fish can be, then making the first precise cast to small pocket behind the stone and to get the immediate trout take is enjoyable.  This kind of waters absolutely matches “one fly philosophy”; I always fish there with the simple Amano kebaries or killer bugs.

Low gradient sections are the real challenge, especially clearest “emerald water”alpine rivers with limestone bed in Slovenia and Croatia. You can find grayling teams there in the pools. This grayling is very picky. You often approach to the casting distance in ninja style, present a fly before the fish with great accuracy:  then see a total ignorance with disappointment. It can be the reason to change fly.


I’ve found that slim bodied kebaries works better for these waters. Lesly Janssen once posted his favorite kebari for Slovenian rivers: I’ve tried it: it works. But I consider it “over triggered”. To my mind the kebaries with one trigger point are more effective for spooky and picky fish. It is enough to add red dot or pearl ribbing. The hackle is sparse.

Hook: Gamakatsu R16-2HBV or Knapek G size #14

Thread:  UNI 6/0 black

Hackle:   pheasant natural from the neck ring

Weight: matt black copper bead

Ribbing:  pearl tinsel

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