Bubble Kebari

One day an excellent book called “Entomologie für Fliegenfischer”, written by Walter Reisinger, Ernst Bauernfeind and Erhard Loidl, feel into my hands. It was originally published in German; I was studying  the Czech version. Unfortunately, I have never encountered information about its publication in English.

In addition to detailed information about all the known European species of mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies, it contains a variety of patterns for imitations. Some tricks interested me and I have used them for kebari. In particular, I really like the wets with glass beads imitating a bubble. I migrated this pattern to Bubble kebari by reversing the hackle. 

Olive colored Bubble Kebari is one of the most effective for chalk streams -both for trout and grayling.

Wine colored Bubble Kebari is the best for the streams with brownish water fed from a peat bogs, , common in the low mountain areas in Czech Republic.

OliveBubble kebari
Bubble kebari wine color

Hook: any

Thread&body:  6/0 UNI or cotton sewing thread

Hackle:  indian cock hen (left) or pheasant

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