Tenkara Rods
New to tenkara? We supply you fully-rigged popular 1stStep 360 tenkara rod with 3,5 m YGK Tenkara level line, 1 m tippet and the fly. The rig is managed with  line keepers. Also you get the small spool with 3m  tippet material and the set of 5 typical and effective tenkara flies: kebaries and bugs. You can start fishing immediately with this very well balanced Tenkara Starter Kit.
The price is 99 EUR

1stStep 360 Y17

The 1st Step 360 rod is is specially designed to be “the Starter”. It gives you all the precision in casting you could possibly want and sufficient backbone to handle larger fish in smaller areas. With a very gradual transition from the softer tip sections to the stiffer mid and butt sections, you will find casting stroke is remarkably smooth. . It has certain additional strength to reduce the risk of harm which can be inherent in beginners. This rod is optimal for casting level lines #3.5-#4 and light-weighted 3,6 m furled lines. In windy conditions it will not find itself overburdened with the #4.5 size or heavy-weighted furled lines. 
The price is 89 EUR
Length: 3,65 m
Closed length: 56,5 cm 
Weight: 86 grams 
Handle length: 28 cm 
Number of segments: 8
Action: 6:4

The TryTenkara tm  rod is full flex rod with the tip  stiffer  than the most off traditional tenkara rods have. The same time it is one of the lightest tenkara rods worldwide. The most amazing thing about casting the rod is that you can easily feel the rod loading as you make the cast: the stiffer tip sections transmit the feel of the cast so much better. Also it gives the best sensitivity to feel the takes that is so important for fishing classic Japanese wet kebari flies. It gives you all the precision in casting you could want and sufficient backbone to handle larger fish in smaller quarters. Even the rod is optimized to cast level lines sizes #3-3,5, it casts sizes #2-2,5 very well and do not overloaded with size #4,5. We recommend to use the tippets not stronger than 5X.
TRY300 tenkara rod

TryTenkara 300 6:4 rod
is targeted to streamside fishing. It is extremely well suited for narrow headwater streams and the small wild trout that lives there.
The price is 119 EUR
Length: 3,06 m 
Closed length: 57,5 cm 
Weight: 56 grams 
Handle length: 23 cm 
Number of segments: 7 Action: 6:4
TryTenkara 360 6:4 rod 
is longer and designed to be an allrounder. It is the best choice for precise casting with level lines at pocket waters, rocky bed high gradient rivers or overgrown streams.
The price is 129 EUR
Length: 3,66 m 
Closed length: 57,5 cm 
Weight: 62 grams 
Handle length: 27 cm 
Number of segments: 8 Action: 6:4
TRY 390 tenkara rod
TryTenkara 390 7:3 rod is made in the same sense, but is longer and little stiffer for better reach at larger open waters with longer lines.Because of the length, strength and and stiffness of the rod, it works well in big waters and with big fish. Also, its stiffer tip and 390 cm length makes this rod the best for CZ nymphing. You can even feel your anchor fly gently bouncing off the bottom and the sharper hit of even the subtlest strike.
The price is 139 EUR.
Length: 3,92 m 
Closed length: 57,5 cm 
Weight: 82 grams 
Handle length: 28 cm 
Number of segments: 9
Action: 7:3

The WaterShed TM  rods are the premium rods.  They are based on the The Tenkara Times guiding design principles: a full flex blank with a stiffer tip. The WaterShed rod series is softer than the TRY rods and it is targeted at more experienced tenkara anglers. It casts #2-3 level effortlessly and does it’s job very well: which is to place the fly where you want it to go. The blank has a matte dark grey finish with a short glossy section near the handle where the model name is printed. The best possible cork is used for the grip. We recommend using tippets no stronger than 5X.

WaterShed 330 tenkara rod

WaterShed 300Z
is the best for small overgrown streams. The zoom function gives you the ability to adjust the rod length to the fishing room size.
The price is 139 EUR

Length: 2,63 - 3,06 m
Closed length: 52,5 cm
Weight: 59 grams
Handle length: 23 cm
Number of segments: 7
Action: 6:4 

All the rods above are supplied with stretch bag and transparent polycarbonate tube case, and optionally (+10 EUR) with carbon tube case. Any rod postage cost to any destination is 9.90 EUR. All the rods are manufactured in China with Japanese materials.

Testimonials & critics:

Anthony Naples
Anthony Naples (US): The 1st Step rod is the of the latter type – it flexes smoothly over much of the rod. So, though it is in the low-middle range of penny rating for 6:4 rods it is not “tippy” and the result is a fairly slow casting stroke with a good “feel”. That tactile feedback can be comforting – especially to the beginner... http://castingaround.anthonynaples.com/2014/04/tenkara-times-1st-step-360-64-review-and-rod-giveaway

Tom Davis (US): ... The action is softer and more forgiving than starter rods offered by many other tenkara suppliers. This may be one of its greatest strengths for those wanting to learn tenkara. Its flex action is very smooth and easy to control. I don't think you could go wrong choosing the Tenkara Times 1st Step to learn tenkara... http://tetontenkara.blogspot.com/2014/08/tenkara-times-1st-step-360-tenkara-rod.html

Chris Hendriks (NL): 1st Step rod is soft enough to cast with dry flies and stiff enough to switch to nymphs, if needed... It is the good choice to start tenkara fishing...

To try 1stStep 360 tenkara rods at the tuition, that is provided by Chris, contact him at  http://www.tenkara-norway.com.

Jason Klass (US): .. Right out of the box, I knew the new Try 390 rod from Tenkara Times was a winner. For one thing, I’ve reviewed several of their rods already and upon initial inspection, the overall quality seemed in keeping with the attention to detail and consistency I’ve come to expect from them. But it wasn’t until I fully extended the rod that the magic happened :
This 13 ft. (390 cm) rod was LIGHT! http://www.tenkaratalk.com/2013/09/tenkara-times-try-390-73-rod

Tom Davis (US): As expected from the initial impression, TRY360 rod is balanced wonderfully. No arm fatigue is noticed after many hours of fishing. Targeting is precise; the tip action is crisp but not stiff. Throwing the kebari into small plunge pools or under overhanging limbs was easy accomplished. http://tetontenkara.blogspot.ru/2013/09/tenkara-times-try-360-64-rod-review.html

Rob Worthing (US): I like this rod very much. I recently used it during a guide trip to demonstrate casting on a small mountain stream. I switched between my favorite rod - the Daiwa LT39SF - and the Try 390. I hardly noticed a difference in the casting, and was very happy. It casted 20 feet of 2.0-3.0 level line very, very well. This is about the longest length I would need for areas with smaller trout. The Try 390 is a significantly lighter rod than the Daiwa LT39SF. I therefore prefer the Try 390 when fishing small mountain streams for trout in the 6-14 inch range (where 16 inches is a trophy)…. I like the Try 390 more than I ever thought I would.

Dave Southall (UK): I'd say, in my opinion, that it is ideal for typical Tenkara fish ... its a real gem.
The review is at Grayling Society Magazine pages >>

Davide Mascherin (IT): La canna nei suoi 390 cm risulta molto ben bilanciata e soprattutto molto leggera... In pesca l’azione 7:3 si nota immediatamente con un’ottima energia e reattività. Utilizzata con una level sia in versione 4.5 sia in versione 3.5 risulta precisa e rapida. Ho avuto la possibilità di testarla principalmente con i temoli ed ho notato che la reattività di questa canna può rendere maggiormente efficace la ferrata rispetto alle fulminee abboccate del temolo...Credo di poter affermare che questo modello possa essere adatto a molti novizi della tenkara. Questo perché spesso risulta traumatico e di difficile adattamento il passaggio, sia per il PAM sia per chi proviene da altre tecniche, all’estrema morbidezza delle canne da tenkara. Potrebbe essere quindi un buon attrezzo per l’approccio alla tenkara: http://tenkarafriuli.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/tenkara-try-390-73-by-tenkaratimes/ 

Michael Agneta (US): So would I recommend this rod (Try 360)? In short, yes I would. Even if you don't like purple. It's so freakin' light it's going to really surprise you the first time you pick it up...and then again once you're fighting a fish of substance. In my current collection of 9 tenkara rods, I'd place this one in the top 3, I like it that much. http://www.troutrageous.com/2013/11/gear-review-trytenkara-360-64-tenkara.html

Davide Muceni (IT): Combattimento e recupero sono sempre piacevoli con canne esili come questa, che disegna, sotto sforzo, una curva piuttosto regolare e progressiva..La Try 360 di TenkaraTimes, è una canna che bada al sodo, senza fronzoli ma onesta e sincera... http://apescacolmuc.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/tenkaratimes-try-360-64/

Christophe Laurent (FR): En action de pêche je l'ai essayé dans des conditions presque toujours mauvaises (vent fort, orage, rivières en crue, etc.) mais elle ne m'a pas déçu, elle est très bien équilibrée (et c'est encore plus important que le facteur poids pour faire une bonne canne Tenkara), elle est rapide et puissante et surtout elle m'a procuré d'excellentes sensations lors des captures. Son comportement reste sain même dans des courants forts avec une truite calée au fond qui se débat comme une diablesse pour vous fausser compagnie... http://tenkaranormandie.blogspot.fr/2014/05/la-canne-tenkara-times-try-360-64-je.html

Paul Vertress (US): ... I cast any tenkara rod with a rather quick, snappy cast and I like rods on the stiffer side of the spectrum. Having a mid-flex rod with stiff tip sections gives me the best of both worlds…a responsive and sensitive rod that likes my snappy cast. Those stiffer tip sections also allowed me to keep casting the TRY 330 in a moderate up-canyon breeze better than any 5:5 mid-flex rod I’ve used... http://www.tenkaratracks.com/2014/09/tenkara-times-try-330-review.html

Matthew Shipp (US): ..To say TRY 330 is light would be putting it way to simply. This rod is almost supernaturally light. In the hand it feels almost ethereal...   http://tenkarawi.blogspot.com/2014/08/three-rivers-tenkara.html

Jason Klass (US): While the rod is on the stiff side, it doesn’t feel like a broomstick. It flexes well enough into the mid section so you still get good haptic feedback from the loading and unloading... In my experience, Tenkara Times makes very good rods with actions I like. And the Motive is no exception...  http://www.tenkaratalk.com/2013/06/tenkara-times-motive-rod

Rob Worthing (US): I find the casting is very crisp. I have caught fish up to 23 inches with it. It handles larger trout well… The shape of the Motive 390 handle works for me. Compared to other rods on the market, like the Daiwa and Nissin rods we fish with, the Motive 390 has a longer thick section at the tail end. I like this in the Motive 390. It encourages the angler to hold the rod at the end rather than the middle. It may also assist in balancing the Motive 390, which appropriately pushes close to becoming a tip heavy rod without actually being a tip heavy rod. This balance is what I want in a heavier duty rod that is capable of handling larger fish.

David Walker (US): It is a joy to cast. The Watershed is light, well balanced and very comfortable to cast for long periods holding the grip at the butt end of the rod...I fished mostly with 5m of #3.5 PALS level line. + 1 m of tippet. It was easy to cast the line out to full extension on most cast without having to concentrate on the cast. The flex of the rod practically cast the line itself. As with the TRY 390 rod, the Watershed 400 bumped out another rod from my list of top five favorite tenkara rods. I find both of the TT rods I have tried are very good rods and the best rods for the price available.

Tom Davis (US): I like this rod. I have been impressed with all of Tenkara Times rods. I like their weight, balance and casting characteristics. The Watershed 360 is no exception. It is a very nice rod and would give any tenkara fisher outstanding performance.