Y16 champion  kebari

I think kebari must be and can be very simple. Three components are enough: hook, feather and thread. This year searching for an effective kebari color I’ve experimented a lot with multicolored threads by Mettler.

Now that the season is over and I can conclude that some patterns have passed the seasonal tests with the great success. The champion is in the picture. I call it Y16.

The hook is a Dohiku B (“blob”) size #12 and is designed for heavy wet flies for lake fishing and makes the kebari sink very well. 

The body is Mettler thread color Golden Harvest 9975. The hackle is my lovely pheasant. Also I’ve added gold wire ribbing to make the fly heavier and look more alive.

I’ve tested Y16 in the “emerald” waters of Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, as well in my home “brown” waters in Northern and Southern Bohemia. It works perfectly.