Wine&Silver Kebari

In the western fly- fishing "match the hatch" paradigm, most anglers believe that fly color is extremely important. Manufacturers of fly tying materials produce dubbing and threads in dozens of colors and shades. For example, my favorite, WAPSI, produces ANTRON dubbing in 40 colors.

Like most anglers, I have successfully used a dozen basic colors and have not experimented with others, so my discovery of a new favorite color in 2012 was completely random. In the spring of 2012, already living in Prague, I was tying bulk fly orders.

wine&silver kebari
In the middle of the processing the  order I ran out of dark brown thread. I found the nearest tackle shop “Zeman” and asked for UNI 6 dark brown or black, but the colors were not available. The closest I could find was a dark claret color called “Wine”. With no time to search for the correct color thread in the unfamiliar city, I bought and used it. The results have surpassed expectation; this season statistics showed that the fly is highly effective on free-stone rivers. Sometimes, when forced to experiment, we make our best discoveries. I’ve also done well on some kebaries with light partridge hackle and silver wire ribbing in the river with the local WBT.
Later I've found this color sewing thread and now use it. 
Hook: TMC 2499SP BLB 
Hackle: partridge natural 
Body&ribbing: sewing thread, color "wine" and UNI wire 0,2 mm "silver"