Rusty Kebari

If you were to ask ten anglers what fly colour is best for the grayling, nine will answer: pink. Nevertheless my personal answer is “rusty brown”. The story of Rusty started in the year 2004, when Alexander Shevelev, a well-known Russian competition fly angler, published his “Top ten flies” article. The first was dry fly, which he called “Parachute PP”. It is impossible to translate the PP abbreviation into English, because it is the strongest unprintable Russian idiom meaning “absolutely perfect”. PPP is a simple dry parachute, highlighted by a combination of rusty brown body and a fire orange trigger point. 

I’ve tried this fly out and found it to be very effective for grayling fishing. I tried this color combination for dries, wets, nymphs and at last kebaries.....and always with very successful results.

Rusty was developed in Russia for grayling and later proved its effectiveness in Czech, Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria for both grayling and trout. Now I always use Rusty as my trusted “fish-finder” in rivers with a sandy or pebbly bottom, especially if it is littered with twigs and tree branches.

Hook: TMC 206BL #12

Thread:   6/0 UNI Rusty Brown 

Hackle:  pheasant hen 

Head:  6/0 UNI Fire Orange

Body: Wapsi TM superfine dubbing, Rusty Brown

Ribbing:  tinsel UNI-Mylar #16, gold