FAQ About TheTenkaraTimes.

Why don’t I have the opportunity to comment you online?

If you have the opportunity to comment The Times or The Sunday Times let me  know, we will provide  you special  site access  to comment TheTenkaraTimes. 

Why don’t I have the opportunity to register  on your site?

We do not provide forum and use standard PayPal ™  payment and shopping cart services. You put your personal data directly to the  PayPal . PayPal send us only you shipping address and order details. We use this very simple procedure for your personal data safety, and you do not need to register.

Why don’t you sell tippet material?

We are focused to supply you the products, that you can not buy at your  nearest fishing tackle shop. We do not sell forceps, nippets, caps, shirts, waders, ets. also.

How do you process payments?

We use PayPal to process payments but you don't need a PayPal account to place an order with us. You can pay any  credit and debit card, which are securely and instantly processed through the PayPal cart system. When items are added to your cart, PayPal will open a new window with those selected items and give you the option of using your PayPal account or direct you to a secure check-out window so that you can enter your shipping and payment information. 

How do you process shipping?

We ship by  Priority International Registered Mail. You will receive international mail tracking code by e-mail with PayPal order status. You can track the delivery at http://www.track-trace.com/post

Delivery time varies and depends on destination country post services. The average delivery time to EU countries is 3-7 days, to US and Canada is 10-12 days.

The postal cost depends on your purchased items, not destination. For small items it is normally 3.90-5.90 EUR (~5-8 USD), 7.90 EUR (~10.5 USD) for the rods and 14.90 (~20 USD) for luxury rods.

Can I buy the spare segments for your rods?

You can buy spare tip section at spare parts page >> .
To order any other segment  send the message via  contact us>> page, we should sent you the invoice.
The price is 9.90 EUR for any blank spare segment, 19.90 EUR for  the handle segment.

Do you have the offers for the guides?

Yes, the guides have the special 10% discount.
We'll refund you 10% if you send us the URL of your guidance services web-page. 

Do you supply the tenkara tackles  in bulk?

As you have already studied  our tenkara gear page and found out that we have the largest variety and the most competitive prices for tenkara tackles outside Japan, it's time to contact us for dealership. We supply bulks worldwide.

How do you submit photos and writings?

If you want to join TheTenkaraTimes writers   contact us with photos and writings. 

FAQ About Tenkara fishing.

 How easy is Tenkara fly fishing?

The basic techniques of Tenkara fly casting are very intuitive and quick to learn. After 10 minutes of practice, most anglers have the basic casting motion and are ready to start fishing. To gain more success you are better off starting with a well-balanced rod & line combination, like the tenkara starter kit.

To my mind, however, tenkara fly fishing is not simple. It is fun and very easy to get started, but while fishing you will discover more and more details to help ensure your technique is really perfect.

What are the main Tenkara fishing advantages?

The length and sensitivity of the long flexible Tenkara rod means it is easy to place the fly delicately and precisely on the water. Also, the long Tenkara rod lets you hold the light Tenkara line off the surface. The result is that the fly is not dragged by the line or pulled by turbulence, and you will avoid scaring the fish.

I have read that Tenkara is only for small fish, is that true?

I could write endless words to ensure you that you can land big fish with the Tenkara rod and line, but it is much better to look for helpful video>>

Are Tenkara rods fragile?

Fish don't break Tenkara Rods, but fisherfolk may do. Carbon Tenkara rods are surprisingly resilient when it comes to catching and landing fish. It is important to note that, since a fixed length of line is used, the weakest link in the system is the tippet. For that reason, a tippet that is no stronger than 4-pound test (5X or less: 5X, 6X and 7X being the most common choices) should be used.

What do you do if your line gets snagged? 

If you happen to become snagged, DO NOT use the extended rod to try to pull your fly out of the snag. It only takes a few seconds to collapse your rod. Once the rod is collapsed, grab your Tenkara line and apply suitable force to dislodge your fly, or break your tippet.

If you can't reach the line with your hands to free the snagged fly then try to pull the rod and line straight back – this should break the fly at the tippet line. Afterwards, please be careful when collapsing and extending the rod to avoid it getting stuck.

What should I do to avoid rod segments getting stuck?

Always extend and collapse your rod with care. Only slight force is required to extend the rod. Stop when you first feel resistance, and this will allow the rod to be collapsed easily and smoothly.