Fuji Kebari

my first kebari image
This is an image of the first tenkara fly that I ever saw:

It was posted in 2008 by Igor Balakersky at http://www.ulov.ru/forum/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=207821&page=0&fpart=1&vc=1

I learned later that this pattern was developed by Japanese tenkara master Hiromishi Fuji.

In his post, Igor lauded the effectiveness of this fly. Obviously, I had to copy and try it. In the picture you can see that the body is made of dubbing with a grizzly hackle palmered at the head. You will also notice that underbody is golden tinsel. This trick is well known to tenkara tiers and increases the attractiveness of the flies. The colors on the pictures are distorted; I used a light olive thread and LifecycleTM green dubbing for nymphs. The first tests elicited excellent results and since then I have hardly changed this pattern, though sometimes I tie it with a ginger hackle. I have successfully use that fly far.

Fuji kebari

Hook: TMC100SP BL or Knapek TM  W series #14

Thread:  light olive 6/0 UNI

Hackle:  ginger rooster scalp

Body:  dubbing 

Underbody: golden tinsel UNI