Ten colours of  Tenkara.

It has been said that if you ask ten traditional Tenkara anglers how they fish they will respond in ten different ways. At Tenkara Guides, we respond with ten different techniques. A tenkara rod in the hands of a competent angler is a very powerful tool.

Ten Colors is Tenkara fishing  technique library – a rich repository of knowledge for tricking fish.

In traditional tenkara , we outline everything you need to know to effectively employ a tenkara rod, line, and single fly from start to fish, including a fundamental overview of Equipment and Tecnique. We also provide an in-depth look at the History behind traditional Tenkara and the One Fly Philosophy.

That’s not all. The Tenkara Guides crew is constantly experimenting to create effective, new hybrid techniques. Make no mistake, these hybrids are distinctly different from traditional Tenkara, and a tenkara rod allows you to do things that make them distinctly different from their parent techniques. Some are easy adaptations. Some take quite a bit of skill to master. Some push the limits of what a tenkara rod can do.

Each technique has its strengths and weaknesses. You can become a better angler by knowing how to apply all of them. This is what makes Ten Colors special.

Check out these subpages to learn more:

Euro Nymphing HibridsCzechSpanish and French.

Western hybrids : Dry fliesHigh stickingIndicator nymphing, Soft hackles and Streamers

With Ten Colors, we’ve worked hard to provide useful knowledge to help you catch fish. But there’s a limit to what you get through reading and watching videos. Book a trip with us, and we’ll teach you the rest.