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Valerio "Balboa" Santagostino and Ubi Calligarich AKA  Akai Kitsune pose their questions to Masami Sakakibara (Oni San).

The Master Sakakibara was  born in 1951 in Shizuoka ( central Japan) near Mount Fuji. He grew up in Morimachi in a very nature-filled environment, surrounded by mountains and streams. He started fishing with his father at the age of 4 and up to the age of 18 he fished only  in fresh water.   Read more about Masami Sakakibara , AKA Tenkarano-oni.

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Kirby Wilson
Kirby Wilson
, a
 Canadian artist living and creating gyotaku art in Finland! 

I'm a Gyotaku artist from Lahti, Finland at the start of the 1000 lakes system in Finland. Being surrounded by water gives me a large assortment of subjects for my gyotaku. I taught myself how to do fish rubbings as a way for me to record the different fish I catch fishing at home or on my travels.     Read more and enjoy the Gyotaku.