Erik Ostrander, John Vetterli and Rob Worthing from Utah, USA. I’ve asked them to kindly send me their photo and what I received is the picture you see. I assume that they are just as they appear. Erik is on the left, John in the center and Rob on the right. In addition to writing for TheTenkaraTimes, they provide guidance on Tenkara and their own Tenkara Guides LLC webpage.

Chris Hendriks from  the Netherlands at present lives in Norway and  offers  guidance  on Tenkara .
You can read more about tenkara fishing in Norway on his page:

Douglas Cameron Hall

Douglas Cameron Hall
A Passionate Fly Angler & Fly Tyer! Chairman of West Lothian Angling Association & FDSFB Water Warden. "I’ve only been tenkara fishing for a very short time but I learn quickly and enjoy it greatly. Find me online:

David Walker:
David Walker – just a small fish in the tenkara world in the USA with no particular fly-fishing skills worthy of imitation. The tenkara method of fly-fishing fascinated me and got me interested again in fresh water fishing. Like Oleg, I have discovered no other tenkara anglers near me, and as a result my tenkara has developed in isolation. I dabble around trying to discover interesting things about Tenkara on Japanese language websites. A language I cannot read. Sometimes I find interesting fun things and other times, odd electronic translations, help me make a public fool of myself. Which, I suppose, is why I have landed on the list of TTT writers. I have no personal web site..

Stefan ArvidssonStefan Arvidsson is the first angler in Sweden, who started blogging about tenkara fishing in the year 2012.

You can find his blog in Swedish at:


Oleg Stryapunin
that's me! Oleg Stryapunin. To be honest, the photo is useless because I am the only Tenkara angler in the Czech Republic. Anyway, no-one recognises me on the street nor asks me for an autograph. Having come to Prague, I learned to speak Czech at the Charles University. I began to read local fly-fishing forums in search of Czech "Tenkara brothers of a like mind". The mission failed. That was my only reason for issuing TheTenkaraTimes.

Kirby Wilson - Canadian artist living in Finland - the country of 1000 lakes, where he creates gyotaku art .  He also fishes Tenkara style and writes about it.

Enjoy more gyotaku at

tenkara writer Ron Giesecke
Ron Giesecke is a writer, musician, magician, family-man, and garden-variety renaissance schmuck from Redding, California. He is new to Tenkara, but not averse to it’s magic.

Jeremy Lucas

UK competition fly angler and now instructor and author, Jeremy Lucas, joined The Tenkara Times. Read more at  Fishing the frontier and his blog

Lesly JanssenLesly Janssen is tenkara and fly-fishing guide in Tolmin area in Slovenia. Read more about his activities and do not hesitate to contact him at:

Carlos Andre Blatt
Carlos Andre Blatt provides unique fishing style with kayak and tenkara tackles at Brazilian lakes and mangroves.