Basic Kebari 

This is the simplest and yet nevertheless the most effective fly. Anyone can learn to tie on this fly by simply consulting the

I would like these kebari to be as authentic to the original as possible and tie them on with simple sewing thread, just like in the case of Dr.Ishigaki. Earlier I called this fly "Ishigaki Kebari", now I changed the name, waiting for the approval form the pattern author. 

Ishigaki kebari

The difference I actually do is to tie the final knot near the hackle. The varnish penetrates into not only the knot, but also glue feather spine, making the fly more resistant to chewing.

 This fly is more effective in high gradient rivers with a strong turbulent flow.

Hook: any.

Thread:  Dark brown sewing thread 50

Hackle:  Rooster scalp, Brown or Grizzly

The basic+ variant includes red tag and is more effective for the trout

basic +

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