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New TRY360 rods are available:
by Oleg Stryapunin, CZ

We are grateful to our customers who appreciate the TRY360 tenkara rods. Unfortunately production was delayed with the latest batch of TRY360 rods and so for a while they were out of stock. Today however, we are pleased to announce that they are back in stock and they even have some improvements... READ>>

1stStep 360 tenkara rod

1stStep 360 tenkara rod - new edition.
by Oleg Stryapunin, CZ
Very popular 1stStep 360 tenkara rods are again available at web store. This rods lot is produced with minor improvements.. READ>>

2nd European Tenkara Convention: the report.
by Chris Hendriks, NO
This year, June 2014, The European Tenkara Convention was organised by Oleg from The Tenkara Times and held in Czech Republic. The whole purpose of The European Tenkara Convention is to introduce Tenkara and to bring different companies that are involved within Tenkara together so we can create a good network and cooperation instead of just looking at each other as competitors. 

High Dartmoor Tenkara 
by Dave Southall, UK
Dartmoor is an area of wild granite moorland rising to a height of 621 m (2037’) and covering an area of 954 square kilometers (368 square miles). It is located in the county of Devon in the far southwest of England. The Dutchy of Cornwall controls the fishing for brown trout, sea trout and salmon, on 25 km of the high moorland streams. 

Tenkara fishing in Sweden.

by Stefan Arvidsson, SE
It is very quiet about Tenkara in Sweden. There was an article in a fishing magazine a couple of years ago, but since then it's been pretty quiet. Not completely silent. Occasionally, Tenkara is mentioned somewhere. READ >>

tenkara movie
Apparently, Technological Overload Also Abhors A Void
by Ron Giesecke, US
July of 2013 saw me jaunting up the pass to fish the McCloud River. And by “’fishing” I meant “hauling around a pack-mule’s measure of filming swag, with a small amount of fishing actually happening.” Being the constant learner of new things that I am, the “documentary bug” hit me shortly after I learned a modicum of special effects and a few editing tricks.  READ >>

Recent Tenkara Videos:
Christophe Laurent, FR,  tenkara fishing in Normandie after the rains:

Tom Davis,  US:  this tenkara video illustrates the tactics perfectly:

tenkara by Tom Davis

Lucas Bauer, AT:

NEW!!! By Carlos Blatt, BR: 
tenkara in Brazil

By Tom Davis, US:


By Lesly Janssen, NL:


Rubber  Kebari

My favorite fishing season is midsummer when the water level is the low, the current is calm and the water is crystal clear. Even though the water temperature is higher and the fish are less active at this time of the year I still like midsummer very much. Normally I search out sections of the river with stronger currents and more turbulence, where the water is better oxygenated. When I find these conditions I switch on my vision:    "Rubber kebari" >>...

Tenkara rods quick guide:

1stStep 360 6:4 tenkara rod >> is the best to start tenkara fishing with. It is the allrounder, well suited for the most variable fishing conditions and all fishing techniques.

TryTenkara 360 6:4 tenkara rod >>  is lighter and more sensitive. It is the best choice for precise casting with level lines at pocket waters, rocky bed high gradient rivers or overgrown streams. 

TryTenkara 330 6:4 tenkara rod >> is a unique little rod. If you are considering tenkara, it would be better  if the streams you fish in are too narrow for a longer rod. Or if there is enough ripples so that by stealthy wading in you can fish close. Even the shortest of the rods can land well-sized fish without a problem.

TryTenkara 390 7:3 tenkara rod >> is of the same feeling, but long and little stiffer for better reach at larger waters with longer lines.

Motive 390 tenkara rod >>  is targeted to “big fish big river” tenkara. It is the strongest rod and carries the longest and heaviest level lines. Also it is the best to switch to CZnymphing rigs at deeper pools.

Tenkara Level Lines quick guide:
The best  tenkara level lines are produced with the fluorocarbon material with the density 1.78. The difference in suppleness and memory is very small; the main difference is the color and visibility. The line visibility is very important for tenkara fishing. Different colors give you the variety of the opportunities to monitor your line’s position in the air and against the background of the water and the banks.
tenkara level lines

SanyoValcan Applaud tenkara line >> (1) is the line with normal visibility and little softer and less memory than others. Sanyo Valcan Applaud HiVis tenkara line >> (2) is of the same material with orange color and have larger variety of sizes. Both lines are opaque color and look thicker, than other lines with the same size. 

Daiwa Tenkara level Line>> (3) is transparent pink colored line, well visible in the air and much less visible in water, is popular for the anglers, providing subsurface fishing.

Yamatoyo Tenkara Line>>  (4) is also transparent, but very bright fluorescent yellow, that makes it the best to be used in the twilight and under the canopies at overgrown streams.

Very popular Sunline Buttobi Tenkara Line  (5) is fluorescent orange colored. Vivid dyeing is used to make it “glows”. It is the most visible level line at multicolor contrasting background and glare water surface.

Titanium tenkara lines>>  are the best choice for windy conditions. The lines are made of titanium alloy with super elastic properties.

titanium tenkara line

Furled tenkara lines >> are made with the kevlar thread. Kevlar is good material for "life time" lines. Main advantage is specific weight of kevlar and zero elongation for the years.

Sometimes you break tip segments, loose plug or butt cap of your favourite tenkara fishing rod. It is not the reason for seppuku, we have spare parts >>