Rubber kebari

My favorite fishing season is midsummer when the water level is the low, the current is calm and the water is crystal clear. Even though the water temperature is higher and the fish are less active at this time of the year I still like midsummer very much. Normally I search out sections of the river with stronger currents and more turbulence, where the water is better oxygenated. When I find these conditions I switch on my vision. The low clear water allows me to find even the smallest of the deep holes which are attractive holding water for fish. Tenkara technique allows me to present the fly to those spots with great accuracy, and most of the takes are on the first cast to the spot. Normally I use naturally colored kebari and focus on the presentation. However, in the Czech Republic, the 2014 summer season has been very rainy. Therefore the water levels have been continuously high and the fish are dispersed widely over the entire river bed. In addition, the strong currents have washed silt into the rivers and the water is always muddy. These conditions have forced me to comb the rivers with multiple casts and to use the highly visible “Rubber Kebari”. 
Rubber Kebari
A “Gold” Gamakatsu C12-B hook makes the perfect underbody for the transparent silicon-rubber cord body. This combination of materials creates a very good imitation of an insect-like body segmentation. This “sakasa kebari style” imitation of a caddis larva is highly visible to fish but it also looks natural for my local waters and so it works very well.

Hook: Gamakatsu C12-B size #14

Thread:  UNI 6/0 olive

Hackle:   pheasant natural from the neck ring

Thorax: peacock hearl

Body :  silicon-rubber cord from the nearest jewelry shop.

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