“Normal hackle” Nikko kebari

Tenkara fly - Nikko kebari
Any soft hackle wet fly without tail can be called “Normal hackle” kebari. One of them I actively used in “before tenkara age” and in “tenkara age” also. Normally “partridge&yellow” wets are slim bodied. I add some volume with seal fur dubbing. A very small amount of it is placed between the spread tying thread fibers, which is then twists. In the water it looks like a halo around the fly body. During normal fish activity days this fly does not show any significant results, but in the days of low activity works better than others.

Hook: TMC100SP BL  or Knapek W size #14

Thread:  3/0 UNI yellow

Hackle: partridge natural

Body:  thread and seal dubbing