Kebari by Davie McPhail

Do you like Davie McPhail? Everybody likes Davie McPhail. His channel has about three hundred videos, twelve thousands subscribers and six millions views; it’s really great. All the comments express admiration and gratitude, with which I fully agree: “Davie you do a fantastic job of clear instructions with every detail..” or: “Thanks Davie for all the wisdom you share with us...”

I'm not sure that Davie provides tenkara, but the only one of his published flies is kebari! I reproduced it with a few changes and use it successfully. I use my favorite curved hook TIEMCO BL206. As the ring bent up, I tie the wings down. The rest of the pattern corresponds to the published video:

tenkara kebari fly
Hook: TMC206BL #14

Thread:  6/0 UNI Wine

Hackle: brown rooster scalp

Body:  turkey biot brown

Wings: mallard hen flanck

Thorax: hear+seal dubbing, natural.