Zebra kebari.

On one hand, being the traditional tenkara technique apologist, I’m attached to the simple, one-fly philosophy. I generally fish with one fly and enjoy it. On the other hand, being a tinkerer, I can’t stop making new flies.

The idea to make the Zebra was born when I had occasion to buy an excellent quality natural ginea skin for a ridiculous price: 210 CZK~8EUR~10.5USD. The ginea feathers are large and can be used for flies sized 12 and larger. The ginea hackle is stiffer than pheasant or partridge, so additional weight must be added to avoid it hanging in the film. I use 0.3 mm black copper wire for ribbing and weighting it. This fly has been tested through the 2013 season, in Czech and during my trips to Norway, Slovenia and Croatia. 

Zebra kebari tenkara fly

I’ve tried it in different water conditions: high turbulent rivers or slow chalk streams, rocky or sandy bottom, it works well everywhere. The combination of the white body with black ribbing and thorax makes it visible both in full sunshine and twilight.

Even though this kebari has only been tested only for one season and can’t be “my trusted fly”, I’m taking the risk of publishing it here. Hopefully some of you will help me test it: please do not hesitate to contact me with your address to ask for the free samples to try.

Hook: TMC 206 BL or Knapek G size #12

Thread: UNI 6/0 black

Body:  Sewing thread 50

Ribbing: Copper wire o,3 mm black

Hackle:  Ginea

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