Pheasant Tail Kebari

The Pheasant Tail kebari is my only fly that retains the tail after being adapted from the classic Pheasant Tail nymph (PTN). Originally conceived and tied by Frank Sawyer with pheasant tail fibers and copper wire, it suggests many of the skinny nymphs that flourish in various habitats. I'm sure the pheasant fiber body makes this fly attractive and there is some sort of magic

I consider the PTN the most effective at the beginning of season, just after the spring floods end and the water becomes clear.

Adding the soft pheasant “normal” hackle morphs the PTN to a very effective kebari. I use copper wire underbody to add some weight for a better sink rate.

Hook: TMC100SP BL #14 or Dohiku  302  #14

Thread:  black 6/0 UNI

Hackle: pheasant natural

Thorax: peacock herl

Body&tail: pheasant tail fibers

Ribbing:  wire 0,3 mm