Peacock&Pheasant Kebari.

Fishermen realized the unexplainable, magical attractiveness of peacock very long ago. A peacock hearl body is one of the main features of the famous Red Tag fly. Reputedly, the Red Tag came from Worcester around 1850 and was originally called the Worcester Gem. 

peacock and pheasant kebari
It has proved to be a classic pattern over the last 150 years for both trout and grayling and remains one of the worldwide favorites in the 21st century. It is certain that the RedTag flies with peacock body of are more effective than with any other material, and it has a little magic.

For the peacock kebari pattern, I reverse the red trigger point from tag to the head, making it with bright red thread, and add “normal soft” hackle.

Hook: TMC2499SP BLB or Knapek G size #12

Thread:  orange  8/0 UNI

Hackle: pheasant natural

Body:  peacock hearl.