If you never fished Tenkara-style, then feel free to start learning on  the tenkara basics page.

If you never fished at all before, then you can  also start your learning process on this page .

To learn more about Tenkara fishing techniques go to the library. These pages were kindly provided to us by Erik Ostrander, John Vetterli and Rob Worthing from Utah, USA. If you want to present us with something more on the subject, you are very welcome. 

To make your first forages  into  Tenkara flies details you would be best to start on the  kebari page, based on Yoshikazu Fujioka materials.  Here  the photos were also  kindly provided by our friends.

If you feel inspired by what you read and are ready to start tenkara tackle search,  it is worth visiting the Tenkara Gear Store page.

Japanese and Western fishing use different metrics and scales for fishing lines. The lines dimensions table will help you to avoid misunderstandings.   It was kindly provided to us by Oleg Semchenko AKA dr.trout from www.tenkara.ru.