1stStep 360 Rod Edition Y2017.

I want the angler’s first step into tenkara fishing to hook him, so I consider 1stStep 360 to be the most important rod in The Tenkara Times product line. This rod provides an easy entry point due the price, but it has the casting feel and accuracy of some more expensive rods. The redesigned Y2017 1stStep 360 features an updated new look with a gloss finish and 3D-look carbon cosmetics near the grip.

I have often sent rod prototypes to Rob Worthing, who I consider to be one of the most experienced tenkara guides. His feedback has always helped me to make the rods better and the 1stStep is no exception. He has tested this rod edition prototype also, and his feedback is: “I quite like the 1stStep as a beginner rod. It cast very accurately. I tried many common mistakes that beginners make when casting, such as the "push" and "drop". I had difficulty "fouling" my cast with this rod.”