Euro Nymph Hybrids

Why hybridize Euro Nymphing?

European nymphing techniques (Czech, Spanish,  French) are very effective. So is traditional Tenkara. While all of them are capable of catching fish in just about any body of water, each one has conditions in which it truly excels. Adapt Euro Nymphing, and you expand the conditions you can fish with maximum effectiveness.

That benefit might be obvious. Here’s one that might not be so obvious. Euro Nymphing and Tenkara techniques are suprisingly similar. And its no accident that techniques developed so far apart in time and space should be so similar. The elements these techniques have in common are the things that matter most when it comes to bringing fish to net. Concentrate on these common elements, and Euro Nymphing can actually improve your traditional Tenkara technique.

Common elements of technique also explain the final reason why the Tenkara angler should give Euro Nymphing a try. Developed over centuries to serve as the perfect tool for Tenkara, tenkara rods are incredibly effective tools for Euro Nymphing. 
Whether you’re looking to expand your bag of tricks, improve your traditional Tenkara skills, or just want to see what that tenkara rod can really do, European Nymphing is worth a look.

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