NEXT 360 5:5 tenkara rod                                    

NEXT 360 tenkara rod
The NEXT 360 5:5 is the lightest and softest rod offered. It will cast an extremely light line extremely well.  The casting feel is slow and smooth. The tip segments are soft and the shape is progressive. It will handle 号2 level line and feels a little overloaded with 号4,5.  It is long enough to give you good reach, yet it is not so long that you cannot use it in small streams.  It is a really soft rod, but it has enough backbone to handle big fish. NEXT is the best suited  to dry fly technique.  It handles the lightest possible level lines,  making unweighted dry fly  casting easy and ensuring only tippet and fly remain on the water.   This rod works very well in traditional  tenkara  fishing technique with "sekasa kebary" wet flies as the soft tip makes animation an easy task.

Length: 365 cm 

Closed length: 56 cm 
Weight: 69 grams 
Handle length: 27 cm 
Number of segments: 8 


If you like the lighter rod TryTenkara 360 will be your best choice.

Tenkara angler Jason Klass

Jason Klass: While the 12 ft. Next is a true mid flex rod, I wouldn’t call it “slow”. You can definitely feel the rod bend, but it’s very responsive and crisp ... Overall, I’d recommend this rod for anyone who likes 5:5 actions rods. It’s a nice action and the 12 ft. length is a good all around choice.

Tenkara angler Karel Lansky
Karel Lansky: The rod feels very light and and comfortable in the hand and it requires little effort to cast a no. 3 level line...I think this rod will find a permanent spot in my rod quiver.

Tenkara angler Tom Davis
Tom Davis: Casting strokes are slow and controlled. Targeting is good...It fights fish well. The largest I've caught with it so far is only 12 inches but it feels like it could handle larger in a fast current. The handle is comfortable. Tip heaviness is minimal, about what you'd expect for a 360 cm rod... I like this rod.

Tenkara angler Christophe Laurent
Christophe Laurent: La canne Tenkara Times Next 360 5:5 est une canne convaincante de qualite... Je n'ai pas vu beaucoup de cannes qui peuvent pretendre avoir ses qualites a ce prix la!

Carlos Andre Blatt: 

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