Step  360 6:4 tenkara rod

1stStep 360 tenkara rod

The 1st Step 360 6:4 rod is  is specially designed to be “the Starter”.  It gives you all the precision in casting you could possibly want and sufficient backbone to handle larger fish in smaller areas. With a very gradual transition from the softer tip sections to the stiffer mid and butt sections, you will find casting stroke is remarkably smooth. . It has certain additional strength to reduce the risk of harm which can be inherent in beginners. This rod is optimal for casting level lines #3.5-#4 and light-weighted 3,6 m furled lines. In windy conditions it will not find itself overburdened with the  #4.5 size or heavy-weighted furled lines.
Now we sell the last version of this rod, we reissued this rod with new handle and painting for Y14 season.
The rod is supplied with  stretch bag and transparent polycarbonate tube case, and optionally with carbon tube case.

Length: 365 cm
Closed length: 56,5 cm 
Weight: 79 grams 
Handle length: 28 cm 
Number of segments: 8

The price is 79,00 EUR
Ex VAT is 65,29 EUR

Rod & case option

The postage cost to any destination is 7.90 EUR.
If you buy more than one rod, then the second and the following are shipped free.
The rods are manufactured in China with Japanese materials.

 Tom Davis (US): ... The action is softer and more forgiving than starter rods offered by many other tenkara suppliers. This may be one of its greatest strengths for those wanting to learn tenkara. Its flex action is very smooth and easy to control. I don't think you could go wrong choosing the Tenkara Times 1st Step to learn tenkara...  http://tetontenkara.blogspot.com/2014/08/tenkara-times-1st-step-360-tenkara-rod.html

The tenkara guide Chris Hendriks
Chris Hendriks (NL): This rod is soft enough to cast with dry flies and stiff enough to switch to nymphs, if needed... It is the good choice to start tenkara fishing...

To try 1stStep 360 tenkara rods at the tuition, that is provided by Chris, contact  him at http://www.tenkara-norway.com.

Tenkara guide Rob WorthingRob Worthing  (US): I had to slow down my cast stroke and use a delicate wrist. With a longer line (20ft), this became very apparent. Once I was used to it, it cast with accuracy and precision. I felt comfortable with fish in the 16-18" range. It took more action on my part to steer larger fish. 

Anthony Naples  (US): The 1st Step rod is the of the latter type – it flexes smoothly over much of the rod. So, though it is in the low-middle range of penny rating for 6:4 rods it is not “tippy” and the result is a fairly slow casting stroke with a good “feel”. That tactile feedback can be comforting – especially to the beginner... http://castingaround.anthonynaples.com/2014/04/tenkara-times-1st-step-360-64-review-and-rod-giveaway