Brown trout



Kirby Wilson:

"I'm a Gyotaku artist from Lahti, Finland at the start of the 1000 lakes system in Finland. Being surrounded by water gives me a large assortment of subjects for my gyotaku. I taught myself how to do fish rubbings as a way for me to record the different fish I catch fishing at home or on my travels.

I have a passion for fly fishing, be it the traditional western style or the ancient Japanese style of Tenkara. With that passion I have combined my art background and fishing into making a unique gyotaku art form. The joys I get out of fishing and art I am able to reproduce some of my fine catches into works of wonderful pieces of art.

There is a story behind every Gyotaku I make, sometimes it's an adventure, sometimes a once in a lifetime accomplishment. So for me each print has a story to be told of that eventful day out on the water be it a river or lake fishing!"