Peacock&Pheasant (P&P) Kebari Variant: weighted.

P&P tenkara kebari fly
I like P&P kebari and trust it. It has never let me, being effective for both trout and grayling tenkara fishing. The only problem is, that it’s body can be damaged by trout teeth, even I wet the underbody with with cement in order to glue the hearl. Also I always feel that it needs more weight at deeper places. I’ve added the ribbing with red copper wire. The result is that is sinks better and much more resistant to trout teeth.

Hook: KnapekTM G size #14

Thread:  UNI 6/0 fire orange

Hackle: pheasant natural

Body:  peacock hearl

Ribbing: dia 0,3 mm red copper wire.