High Sticking

If you’ve read all of our pages, you’d know that we’re all about hybrid techniques and that we’re total geeks for it.  Once you read this page, you’re going to geek out too because High Sticking is the ultimate hybrid.

A Western technique that is very similar to Euro nymphing and is perfectly complimented by Tenkara.  A trio of techniques that hold hands together and dance in harmonious circles.  Ok, maybe not that much, but you get the point.

Essentially, high sticking is about keeping a tight line right underneath the rod tip.  The line is kept perpendicular to the water surface, the rod tip follows the line to keep the drift as natural as possible.

This is a good technique on its own, but is perfect right after a Czech drift.  You’ve pulled your flies through the fast water and it’s emptied out into a slow pool.  Allow the flies to settle under the rod tip and continue the drift.  Your flies should already be down deep, so all you have to do is keep the line tight.  A   tenkara  rod gives you the huge range to cover all that fish holding water, and a soft tip to detect the subtlest of strikes.  A strong backbone helps you land your lunker, release the beast and cast out for your next trophy.

Highsticking perfectly compliments techniques from around the world.  West meets East meets further East.    

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