Western Hybrids

Can you use Western fly fishing techniques with a Tenkara rod?

Sure you can!

And in ways you never imagined with a Western rod.
Many anglers have a strong background in Western techniques, and those skills translate very well to Tenkara, making hybridization of Western and Tenkara an easy decision.  On the opposite side of the coin, if you started fly fishing with a Tenkara rod, these techniques can help you become a better angler.  Even if you prescribe to the One Fly Philosophy.

Dry flies – from delicate presentations to manipulating your fly to make it look more realistic.

High sticking  - the Western version of Euro nymphing techniques combined with Tenkara.  A deadly trio.

Indicator nymphing  - think indicators are a crutch for those inexperienced?  Think again.  Indicator nymphing can be very advanced, and is made much more effective with a Tenkara rod.

Soft hackles and Streamers  - old school Western techniques have proven themselves effective for years.  Hybridize them with Tenkara and turn classic techniques into something new.