Tenkara hooks

Gamakatsu senio tenkara hooks size 8

Gamakatsu Ichiban Yamame hooks #7

Gamakatsu TENKARA SENIO Hooks

Strong and heavy barbed hooks, designed specially for  tenkara flies. The best for fast sinking wets.

Japan scale sizes 7 and 9 are available. 12 pcs packages.

The price is 2,90 EUR
Ex VAT is 2,40 EUR

pic sizes 168
To avoid misunderstanding the Japanese  scale sizes look at the picture. You can compare Gamakatsu tenkara hooks with standard #12 dry fly TMC hook.


We target this hooks to anybody, who intended to study tenkara fishing deeply. These hooks are barbless and eyeless and you can make your own kebari the most authentic to native Japanese flies. Japanese size 7 is available now.

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To avoid misunderstanding you can see the hook compared
 with standard size #14 TMC206BL hook at the picture.