Shimano 38 ZL Tenkara Rod

John Vetterly  wrote about this rod: "It is a 3.4m-3.8m. I had a chance to try out the prototype in July. Very nice rod. Dr. Ishigaki told me it has been in development testing for over 2 years. It is not as short when fully collapsed as other tenkara rods. I think it was about 30ish inches long. Shimano designed it that way to reduce the number of segments and make the rod much lighter weight and make the curve/load profile much smoother in either length. It did not have as much of the tip heavy feel when at the full extension of most other zoom rods on the market. It feels very well balanced at 3.4 or 3.8. The prototype had a different handle profile but the EVA grip is super nice and comfy. Just the right amount of firmness. Like cork only better."

It is also reviewed by Tom Davis.
Length: 381 cm 
Closed length: 70,5 cm 
Weight: 80 grams 
Number of segments: 7

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