Furled tenkara lines

The first tenkara line was made from twisted horsehair. Modern lines are  made from nylon monofilament, kevlar/PE thread or fluorocarbon. Whichever material is used, you want the end of the line to which the tippet is attached to be heavy enough to turn over the tippet and fly, yet light enough that it lands on the water softly. To get a line where the tippet end is as light as possible and yet have a line heavy enough for the rods to cast, it is necessary to taper the line. This is particularly true for the stiffer rods. In addition to light weight, the visibility is critical: if your line isn't easy to see, you'll miss some the drift and you'll certainly miss some of the strikes. We offer the lines finished off with a tip ring. This line is furled with the Kevlar thread. Kevlar is good material for "life time" lines. Main advantage is specific weight of kevlar and zero elongation for the years. Dry weight for 13' line is 1,35 gram. The lines are reviewed by Tom Davis.

kevlar furled tenkara line
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