New “WaterShed” Rod Series

Watershed 400 tenkara rod

When issuing the TRY rods series last year, we focused on the casting properties. Considering that many tenkara anglers are new to tenkara and are coming from a western fly fishing background we created the TRY rods to be easy to cast for them. That is reason the TRY rod is slightly stiffer than what we consider to be characteristic for the classic tenkara rod. It is obvious today that tenkara is not a fad. The number of tenkara anglers in Europe has doubled this year. So now is the time to release a premium tenkara rod just for them, one that is targeted at experienced tenkara anglers - it is The Tenkara Times WaterShed Series. The most important difference is the rod’s action. The new Watershed Series blank is softer and the action is slower than the TRY Series. This gives very clear tactile feedback to the caster so it is very intuitive when the rod is loading and unloading. At the same time, the rod retains the high sensitivity of the TRY rods. The blank action is optimized to cast #3 size fluorocarbon level lines with the line length equal to the rod length.

The firstborn WaterShed 400 6:4  model is a 4.05-meter long rod - which makes it is little longer than the TRY390. This allows it to have good reach and so makes it useful on the larger rivers. Based on angler input we created a new softer blank and also added a larger diameter handle for the Watershed. And of course, the best possible cork is used for the grip. The butt cap is universal and fits all the TTT rods and following the TTT rods user’s feedback it is knurled. The finish is also improved and we did not trim the segments with purple more. The Watershed rods are supplied with our popular stretch rod socks and attractive, lightweight carbon fiber rod cases.

Special thanks to Anthony Naples for the advices and ideas helpful for this rod series issue.