NEW SuperFine Floating Tenkara Line.

I like to fish with dry flies. Even being an avid tenkara angler that focuses on fishing subsurface kebari flies in pocket water, I still enjoy seeing a trout take a dry fly off of the mirror smooth surface of a pool.
My lovely home waters in Northern Bohemia combine high gradient sections of strong current among rocks with lower gradient sections of runs and shallows.  The traditional level line tenkara technique matches the high gradient parts perfectly.  But I also fish with fluorocarbon level lines and wet kebari at the upper part of the shallows where the water surface is riffled and I can approach the fish closely within reach of the casting length. Several upstream casts with drifts about 2 meters allow me to comb these spots and catch all the fish there. In the lower parts of the shallows where the water surface is like a mirror the spooky trout do not give me the opportunity me to reach it with 3-4 meter line. That is why the longer line needed. I use a 5-6 meter line, cast across the river to the opposite bank and make longer drifts. Also I often switch to dry flies for another reason: it is fun!  

superfine floating tenkara line
Tom Bell from SunRay contacted me this summer with his line material samples: super thin mono core PVC coated lines initially designed for conventional western fly fishing. Previously I’ve tried 2-weight and 3-weight conventional fly lines and found them too heavy for tenkara.  I’ve tested all the samples and chosen the white floating for fishing with dries.  It is light enough to hold almost all the line length off the surface. It floats well and when picking up the line off the surface at the end of the drift it is quiet and does not spook the fish. The line energy transfer is enough to roll over the 1 meter tippets with the size #16 dries I normally use. 

I’ve fished a lot with this line combined with dry flies with great pleasure and now I am issuing prepared lines for sale. The line is completed on the rod side with a girth hitch loop (for lilian attachment) and a mono line section with tippet ring at the other end for tippet. 

Just in time: the autumn grayling season starts! It is so fun to fish grayling with dry flies.