Chris Hendriks: The 1st European Tenkara Convention

1st European Tenkara Convention

After Tenkara conquered the USA, we have seen a huge growing interest in Tenkara from Europe. Countries such as The Netherlands, Finland, Germany, The UK, Sweden, France, Norway and certainly some more countries as well, that all have embrased Tenkara and more and more people are enjoying this way of fly fishing now! Therefor thought Chris Hendriks Fishing – Experiences, the only by Tenkara USA certified Tenkara guide in Northern and middle of Europe, that it was about time for a huge gathering where we can exchange our ideas and thought about Tenkara and learn from each other by doing so.

This will be a great day where we want to introduce you to Tenkara and for those that are already familiar with Tenkara, you can learn more about Tenkara in every aspect. Experts from Norway, The Netherlands, Prague, The USA, Algeria and the UK will attend the European Tenkara Convention with presentations, demonstrations, products, guided services and even a fly tier is present to show you the typical Tenkara flies. You will see how Tenkara, but also fly fishing, started, how the gear developed into a more modern way, more important, why they still use the same fishing techniques as at least 400 years ago, why these techniques are still being used and why they are so effective. And do not forget to bring your waders with you so you can try Tenkara during our demonstrations!!

Important to know is that this is not a commercial event. Nothing will be sold but you have all the opportunity to browse around what different companies have to offer for future purchases.The European Tenkara Convention is meant to introduce you to Tenkara and to suplly you with all the necccesary information by offering you a very interesting program with a variety of different presentations, demonstrations, a look at what all the different companies have to offer within the field off Tenkara and off course trying Tenkara yourself!

The European Tenkara Convention will take place at the 27th of July at the Samfunnshus in Nybergsund, Elvdagsvegen, Norway. The entrance will be a 150 Nok (cash) and includes a lunch. For now I will reveal only a small part of the program, but each month will Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences reveal more about the program and give a small description about that part of the program, and trust me it will be a very interesting and exciting day! So keep your eyes open and check regularly the site for the latest updates!!

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