Tenkara Sling lite.

tenkara writer Oleg Styrapunin
Writing gear reviews is not my favorite genre, but I would like to briefly describe the new bag I bought from Chris Zimmer: The Tenkara Sling Lite.

Normally I travel to my fishing places by train or bus with a sling on my back and a bag with heap boots in my hands.

The single main compartment on the Sling Lite has enough room to place my 25 cm dia tamo, a couple of light moccasins, a raincoat, an empty heap boots bag, and a pair of sandwiches. Up to 4 tenkara rods can be fixed separately in outer pockets; I use two. The padded shoulder strap is easily adjustable, holds the bag against my back while moving through bushes along my favorite streams, and does not prevent the movements of my hands when casting. The fabric is really waterproof, a feature that has been very helpful in this rainy spring.

The Tenkara Sling Lite is a very convenient and useful gadget; I like and recommend it for one-day fishing trips.

tenkara sling lite tenkara sling lite