One more step to “one fly philosophy”. Tench (“doctor fish”) also takes kebari.

Tenkara angler Oleg Stryapunin
Yesterday I received the new rod prototype for my web-store and went to the nearest creek to test its casting capability. Botich creek in Prague is 200 meters far from my house and, even it is bushed and narrow I have the possibility to cast anytime I want. Botich’s normal habitants are bleak, roach, small chubs and rudds. While testing rods and lines I always have some takes and catches, release fishes and and normally do not attach any importance to this . There are some reservoirs upper and lower, stocked with carp, but I never fish there.

I’ve got the take and was really surprised, when see the fish. It was tench!

Yesterday I’ve made one more step to “one fly philosophy”: even tenches take kebaries!

Tench tenkara catch