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NEXT 360 rod issue Y2013

The NEXT360 Rod Issue Y2013.

NEXT 360 5:5 tenkara rod

The Blank.

It is the one of the lightest and softest rod on the European market. So for the Y13 model, we used the same rod blank because it definitely matches its target niche.

The Color.

I discovered that preferences in rod color can be region-specific. I’ve received significant criticism from the UK and US concerning the color of the NEXT360 Y12 rod. Jason Klass wrote: “Unfortunately, the aesthetics are ruined

Germany - colours around
with gaudy fuchsia accents on each segment.” John Person also wrote me: “I think the British fly fishing market is very reserved at times and the colour pink is a deal breaker for many. If the rod had a more muted colour trim such as black, green, or brown, I think you would see much more interest from the UK.”

The rod issued in Y12 sold out, and I found that most of the buyers were from Germany and the Netherlands. Visiting these countries in the last few months, I noticed that people there live in more brightly painted surroundings. Look at the photo of typical street in Germany and you see lot of bright colored utilities, including the brightest pink.

For this year’s model, I’ve changed the trim color to avoid this limiting factor for Englishmen and Americans.

The Grip.

I always thought that critics’ preference for high-grade cork is a form of snobbery. I consider the EVA handles to be comfortable, reliable, and durable. Fortunately Shimano released its latest ZL38 tenkara rod with an EVA handle and thus broke the dam. We took the risk this year and issued the NEXT 360 Y13 model with an EVA handle too. Hope you like it.