Motive 390 rod issue Y2013

Motive390 tenkara rod

tenkara angler Oleg Stryapunin
I fished tenkara long before TheTenkaraTimes existed. The tenkara style diffused  into the Far East region of Russia directly from Japan. If you’re interested in learning more about when tenkara gained popularity in Russia, check out:

When I first started, my favorite rod was the Shimano 36LLH NB. It is rumored that Dr. Ishigaki, a legend in tenkara angling, helped design this rod. Its action cannot be described as 6:4 or 5:5, because it does not have the transition from stiffer butt segments to soft tip. Like all rods specially designed for casting level lines, it is very flexible in the lower sections and has hollow, stiff tip segment. This kind of action allows the rod to load properly with subtle wrist movements and cast short lines with very little backcast. This feature is useful for smaller streams with thick vegetation where you do not have space for normal casts. This rod was also effective for larger, more open waters because it allows you to cast very long level lines. Though I always loved the Shimano 36LLH NB, I wanted it to be longer. Thus, the Motive 390 was born. This rod, based on the“ longer Shimano rod idea”, became the first tenkara rod designed and issued by TheTenkaraTimes. The Motive 390 is incredibly popular and totally sold out in season Y12.

Because this is such an exceptional and popular rod, we have not messed with success too much. The Y13 Motive 390  edition features a new, rubberized butt cap. This reduces the rattle when collapsing the rod. We also changed the grip shape, adding volume to the butt for more comfortable handling. Much thanks to Rob Worthing from, who tested the earlier version of rod handle and advised some changes.

Otherwise the Y13 Motive 390 is the same, excellent rod that it has always been.

The shorter versions of this rod TryTenkara 330 and TryTenkara 360 are discontinued and will be replaced by absolutely new models in season Y13.

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