1stStep 360 rod released for Y14 season.

by Oleg Stryapunin, CZ

I want customers to love tenkara from the very first tenkara fishing day. That is the reason why I consider the entry-level rod to be the most important in our model’s line. To achieve this I’ve based production of the 1stStep rod on customer feedback rather than expert reviews. Experts can fish tenkara style with broomsticks; beginners need a rod with forgiving casting and presentation features. Experts prefer several specific rods to match various fishing conditions; beginners own one rod for all fishing conditions. Experts break rods on rare occasions: beginners do so often, and need durable and reliable rod. Also, the market niche demands that our prices be competitive.

We reissued 1stStep 360 tenkara rod for the Y14 season and I consider it the best entry level rod on the market now. We combined the best features from the Y12 and Y13 1stStep and NEXT rods to create the new 1stStep 360 Y14 model. This new rod is lighter than the old 1stStep, better balanced and stronger than the NEXT 360. Now it is 366 cm long and the center of gravity is 0.7 m from the butt. It has 8 segments, a medium 6:4 action, a real AAA grade quality 28 cm long cork handle, a rubberized wooden plug and knurled metal butt cap with rubber cushion, and weighs just 79 grams. 

I’m grateful to all the customers and experts for the feedback, specifically Robert Worthing from www.tenkaraguides.com for his criticism when he tested earlier rod versions.

Hope, you’ll like new 1stStep rod as I like it.


Oleg Stryapunin

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