1stStep 360 rod issue Y2013

1stStep 360 tenkara rod issue Y2013

Tenkara angler Oleg Stryapunin
We’ve reissued our 1st Step 360 tenkara rod for the season Y2013. 

This rod is specially designed as an introductory tenkara rod and it strives to balance the preferences of most new anglers. Many anglers don’t know what action and lenth they prefer when purchasing their first tenkara setup: stiffer or softer, shorter or longer. The 1st step offers a balance of both. Anglers with a strong western fly fishing background generally prefer stiffer rods. The newbies who have never fished with a western outfit generally like softer tenkara rods with light lines. A rod with a 6:4 action is the best compromise of both to learn tenkara fishing. 360cm (12”) is the most universal length; this allows you to fish comfortably at a distance of 6-7 meters, which matches the majority of tenkara fishing conditions.

Though this is an introductory rod, it does not compromise on either the general quality or rod strength. Before opening our gear store, we tested rods from 12 different factories to meet our manufacturing standards. The result is a line of rods on par with the most popular “western” tenkara brands. During the 2012 season we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers. They reported complete satisfaction with the performance and durability.

For the new version of the 1st Step rod, we have made some minor changes. It now has dim violet segment ends to make the rod stealthier. We also changed the grip shape, adding volume to the butt for more comfortable handling. Butt screw cap now is both knurled and slotted for a coin. Additionally, we changed the sock to the same popular stretch material that comes with the MotiveTM and TryTenkaraTM rods.

For anglers interested in learning tenkara who don’t know exactly what to look for, the 1st Step is a perfect tool. It incorporates the best technology into a product that is attractive, durable, forgiving, and well-balanced.

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