Tenkara convention participants

1st European Tenkara Convention.

I’m back now from 1st European Tenkara Convention. It took place in Trysil, Norway and due to the initiative and actions of Chris Hendrix.

The participants on the vendors and guides’ side were at the Tenkara Centre UK with their local retailers Jan Hallagen , Tenkara Pirenee,  Tenkara Norway and The Tenkara Times. Kirby Wilson also presented his beautiful Japanese -style gyotaku pictures. Visitors came from Norway, Sweden and Netherlands and I must highlight their genuine interest in tenkara.

Chris presented a very detailed exposition about tenkara fishing. Misako enthusiastically talked about tenkara and other types of national freshwater fishing in Japan.

Misako Ishimura with TryTenkara rod
During the break Jan Hallagen was very busy selling his tenkara rods, while I managed to demonstrate “the kebari tying in 1 minute” a few times.

When the indoor part finished the participants moved to the waters. The wide Tryselva river is definitely not the tenkara water, but the right place to experiment your first tenkara casts. All the newbies had got into waders and had started to manipulate their rods under the direction of Chris Hendriks. Chris is a brilliant trainer: in half an hour all the participants stared to show off quite acceptable casts.

At the same time, Misako showed an absolutely spectacular and perfect casting technique with a new TryTenkara rod. I'm not a beginner myself, but enjoyed its perfection!

So, the fishing started. It was windy and I gave my Motive 390 with titanium line to one of the participants, Jan from Netherlands, so that he could try it out. 

Tenkara graylings
The tests were successful: Jan caught five excellent graylings to the applause of the audience.

During the entire convention day I enjoyed inter-acting  with Chris, Misako and other participants. I hope the next convention will definitely take place  next year … somewhere in a good tenkara fishing area in Europe. 

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