This year, June 2014, The European Tenkara Convention was organised by Oleg from The Tenkara Times and held in Czech Republic.

The whole purpose of The European Tenkara Convention is to introduce Tenkara and to bring different companies that are involved within Tenkara together so we can create a good network and cooperation instead of just looking at each other as competitors. Although it is not really looked at as a commercial event, the companies are allowed to sell and promote their products and services at the event. During the first European Tenkara Convention, which was an initiative of Chris Hendriks Fishing – Experiences and his site , we met companies and people from England, Czech Republic, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Japan and the USA. We had a very good time and learned a lot from each other and introduced Tenkara to the Norwegian people!
This year, Oleg and his site  showed us Czech Republic and how he fish with his rods on his waters. It is a beautiful country with a lot of hidden spots to fish at. We were blessed with nice and warm weather and so was the day that the European Tenkara Convention was held on.  Oleg opened the European Tenkara Convention and Misako Ishimura started with a presentation about the history of Tenkara. Misako is a great resource when it comes to the historical part of Tenkara and although I have seen here presentation before, each time I learn something new. After the presentation of Misako I offered a presentation that explained a little bit more the practical side of tenkara.
After and between  the presentation we held a coffee-break and lunch-break where we could get more acquainted with each other. Besides the normal anglers we met a professional fly tyer, a fly fishing guide and an online fly fishing shop owner. All these different people created together some very interesting conversations!  People from the Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic  Japan and Austria were present which gave a very international setting to the event.

Now we walked to the demonstration area where Oleg had several rods rigged with several lines so everyone could try different rods and set ups. During the demonstration almost all the visitors caught some fish and learned very quickly about the casting, that the fly should land first and why it is so important to keep all the line from the water.

We were blessed with a very good stretch of the river that was used as a training stretch during the Fly Fishing world championships. Normally it would be pressured very hard but as I already said, this was a trainingstretch  so there was plenty of fish left for the demonstration.

All in all it was a great day with about 15 visitors. The European Tenkara Convention is still at a small stage but all the visitors where getting all the attention they needed and even more. Since the organiser, Oleg, and Misako and I where there we were able to give very detailed lessons to the visitors. And both Oleg and I are convinced that with cooperation of different people and companies the European Tenkara Convention will grow to a bigger event with a lot of different content that will be held each year at a different spot in Europe so a lot of people will be introduced to Tenkara! 

So if you missed it this year, we will make sure that the 3rd European Tenkara Convention will be held in 2015!!!!